You need to find a place where…..

  • You and your child feel welcome.
  • Children and adults get along.
  • Safety and health are priorities.
  • Play and learning are valued.
  • Staff are well trained and dedicated. 

You want your child to be happy, loved and cared for, while learning  each day!


  • ...  provide affirmed quality care for children, ages 4 weeks to 7 years.
  • ... are the first program in Melrose to receive itsNAEYC accreditation in 1997     and have maintained it since.
  • …  have 8 Classrooms comprised of Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K      children.
  • ...  also offer drop-in-care (based on enrollment numbers) to children up to      7 years of age during school vacations and summers.

 …   one of the first programs in the city to receive  a self-assessed Level 2 of  the  (Quality Rating Improvement System) through Massachusett’s Department of Early Education and Care is is a new system that the state requires for all licensed child care-centers that offer any kind of voucher subsidy to their families, as we do. They have also provided us with funding to further educate our staff, some who have received their CDA, and staff who are working on their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in ECE. QRIS

… believe participation in a high-quality Daycare facility is important to     lifelong learning, enables a voluntary start to a child’s education and has a lasting impact on later success.    

believe very young children develop language and literacy through interactions, experiences and relationships with the adults around them: beginning at birth.  The earliest foundations of school readiness are created in the first years of a child’s life. We help parents and caregivers to encourage children’s thinking, social-emotional, communication and pre-literacy skills. 

 … tailor quality programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to meetthe particular characteristics and developmental needs of each age group.

strive daily  to promote the health and development of our infants and toddlers and to go beyond the minimal requirements for Child Care centers. We are intentional in “pushing and pulling “language during existing care giving routines and natural learning activities.

…  are committed to being more than a ‘care-taking’ service and have a deep concern for the total child while providing a stress-free, stable environment. 

…  foster in the child a sense of security, continuity, trust, autonomy, initiative and pride.  

…  feature resources, such as observation and reflection, that will help you be more effective on  behalf of your families.  Both observation and reflection  are critical skills  needed within and outside of clinical settings.

 are open from 6:30 a.m. –  6:00 p.m.  Families may utilize any portion of our 11 1/2 hour day they choose as we offer an  unlimited day’. They are not restricted to a 9 or 10 hour day as other child care centers often require.
… offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks that include nutritious choices of a healthy variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy choices and whole-grain carbohydrates. Our revamped menu is approved by The United States Agriculture Bureau of Nutrition.

… offer music and child aerobics monthly.

… offer strategies parents can tailor their unique,  family situation to the needs     of their child.

… began Spanish lessons for our oldest classroom in September, 2009.     These are once a week and free of charge.

…  have also received funding on overall program improvement, particularly      along the lines of improved health and safety policies.

…  received our  4th Accreditation in September of 2010.

…  Accreditation is updated every 5 years.  We will be getting re-accredited  2015. … “The gold standard of approval is accreditation
  by the National Association for the Education  of Young Children.
NAEYC carefully evaluates schools and childcare center  based on curriculum, teacher qualifications, class size and health and safety standards.                                                                         Our…

teaching staff:  stays, on average, ten years … over half have Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees.

  two Directors:    have been with the Center since 1991 and 1992 respectively.

... parents say:     “The convenience of the Hot Meal program and the quality of activities are outstanding, at no extra cost.  MDCC is home for the whole family knowing how much the teachers care.”

 “The programs at MDCC nurture the creative mind and children are more than prepared for kindergarten.”

”We have always counted on MDCC to help us raise our children through the challenging years of infancy and toddlerhood.”



Our family has been part of the Melrose Day Care family for nearly a decade, with all three of our children starting in the Infant Room and graduating from their Pre-school program. Over the years we have received unparalleled care, support, teaching and friendship from everyone from the administration to the teachers and staff. Our older children left Melrose Daycare so well rounded, blessed with lasting friendships, and, most importantly, beyond ready for kindergarten. We have alsway counted on Melrose Daycare to help us raise our children safely through the challenging years of infancy and toddlerhood. Melrose Daycare offers wonderful enrichment programs like music, exercise, field trips, family celebrations, and even Spanish lessons that help enhance the childrens’ lives year-round, which sets it apart from other centers. Melrose Daycare is now, and will always be, a part of our family.

The Gentile Family

Melrose, Massachusetts

We have had two children at Melrose Daycare Center and wouldn’t send them anywhere else. Selecting a daycare is a very personal choice and this was the right one for us because of how much you know the teachers care about your kids. There is very little staff turnover and it really feels like a home for your whole family. I also can’t say enough about the convenience of the Hot meal program and the quality of the activities the school brings in each month…at no extra cost to the parent. It is hard to find time to make lunch, let alone take your kids to further enrichment activities during the week. Thank you to MDCC for always finding ways to enrich our kids’experiences and making us feel like family rather than customers.

Lizzy Barber

My son goes to Melrose Daycare Center and we have had a wonderful experience the past two years. As an elementary school teacher, I was looking for programs that would nurture a creative mind and MDCC has done just that.I know that by the time my son is ready for kindergarten he will be more than prepared without being overwhelmed by the huge educational demands placed on students today. Luckily, my son has another year at MDCC and he continues to love every minute! The staff at MDCC have been wonderful to work with and I look forward to having my youngest attend as well! Best of luck in your search.

Amanda Landzett

121 West Foster Street Melrose, Massachusetts 02176 - Telephone 781.662.6539