The goals of MELROSE DAYCARE CENTER, INC. are to provide a program to supplement the child’s family life. We exchange information and reach across disciplines while offering rich, diverse perspectives on the complex nature of early development . This includes well-rounded, high-quality, comprehensive care to meet the needs of all infant/toddler, pre-school and pre-kindergarten children from a variety of backgrounds. We are committed to being more than a care-taking service’ and have a deep concern for the total child. We provide a continuous learning experience designed to promote a child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

Our program allows time and space for active and quiet learning/play experiences, both indoors and outdoors, with the goal of instilling, within each child, a sense of individual worth. We foster in the child a sense of security, continuity, trust, autonomy, initiative, and pride. It is our goal to provide a safe, healthy, educational environment with an emphasis on helping the child to achieve self-discipline and to learn positive ways of expressing him/herself.


Six principles which underlie the goals of our program:

1.Development unfolds from birth to age three. We believe children’s play is their work: they learn by taking part in a variety of activities which support and enhance growth and development.

2. Children grow and change in different ways and at different rates. Day care provides an environment which meets their individual needs through daily interactions and activities.

3. The Center strives to create an atmosphere of support and trust where children are encouraged to strengthen individual interests, establish lasting friendships and develop self-esteem.

4. The center strives to teach children life skills such as thoughtful decision-making and problem solving; productive use of time; working or playing cooperatively; handling strong emotions successfully; treating themselves, each other, and their environment with respect; seeing projects through to completion; and self expression through dramatic play, arts and crafts, music, dance, etc.

5. We encourage parent involvement and support in our program by welcoming suggestions, feedback, and questions.

6. We strive to create and maintain a well-rounded program where we are able to service families from all cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds.

Our children not only function cooperatively throughout the day but also work individually. They participate and contribute, whatever their skill level, age or ability. This promotes positive relationships which improve social skills. They then develop self-confidence and have healthier attitudes and perspectives about themselves at school home, play and work as adolescents and adults.

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