Infant -Turtle, Bumble Bee

  • Two Rooms

Turtle and Bumble Bee

  • Up to 7 children per room
  • 2 Adults per room
  • At least one certified teacher per room

Infants are all basically on their own individual schedules: fed and put down to nap according to their schedules at home. As the infants get closer to their move into the toddler room, they will begin adapting more to the toddler schedule, so the transition will be as cohesive as possible.

Infants are changed every hour and a half.. The older infants will have two snacks per day, as the toddlers do, and generally eat lunch around the same time. They also will go outside everyday, weather permitting.

The infant teachers will enhance the infant’s social, emotional, and cognitive development by providing a variety of developmentally appropriate activities such as singing and reading to the children and making available water play as well as opportunities for climbing, walking and running.


Below, are general goals on which we work with all infants. In addition to these, we set individual goals for each child, which are just that: goals not requirements.

The Infant Room goals were created to align with the:

Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers
and Teaching Strategies GOLD curriculum.



• Learn to use communication in effective ways (for example, cooing, smiling, and crying when in distress).
• Learn to hear and recognize familiar voices both within and out of sight.
• Interact appropriately with adults, making eye contact and engaging in a positive manner.

Gross Motor

• Show appropriate head strength, leg strength, and overall body strength at appropriate developmental stages.
• Be trying to roll and sit (with support) by six months.
• Be encouraged to walk or “cruise” as they are getting ready to move to the Toddler Room.

Fine Motor

• Show appropriate eye/hand coordination at the various developmental stages.
• Be encouraged to grasp at objects and be working toward the pincer grasp.


• Be exposed to different people to help them become comfortable with new adults and children.
• Eat together, read together, and be encouraged to interact socially.


• Be exposed to multiculturalism in various ways (for example, by having families share their customs and traditions, introducing the children to other cultures, and infusing multiculturalism throughout the curriculum).

Transition Goals for Infants Moving to the Toddler Room

• Meet teachers from the new classroom and visit the new classroom.
• Be introduced to a cup at six to seven months of age.
• Move out of a crib by 12 months of age.
• Be weaned from a bottle by 12 months of age.
• Be using pacifiers only at nap time.
• Be encouraged to walk by the time they move to the Toddler Room
• Begin using utensils by 12 months of age.
• Be able to follow simple multistep directions.

Parents will:

• Attend a transition conference with their child’s teachers.


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