At Melrose Day Care Center we have many classrooms to provide for the needs of each of our age groups.  All classrooms are as sensitive to the individual needs of the children in the room as possible.  In each classroom, each teacher will be specifically in charge of a certain group of children for things such as their bi-annual evaluations and any other specific developmental issues relevant to the child.

Please keep in mind that we will do our very best to move your child from one classroom to the next when s/he is ready to transition. We always try to discuss this with the parent ahead of time. However, we do give priority to older children, assuming that both children are equally ready to move to the older room and assuming we have the correct days available for the older child. Ultimately, the decision to actually move a child is up to the Director.

Infants – Two Rooms

Turtle Room and Tadpole Room

  • Up to 7 children per room
  • 2 Adults per room
  • At least one certified teacher per room

Toddler – Three Rooms

Teddy Bear, Rascal, & Kangaroo Rooms

  • Teddy Bear & Rascal – 9 children and 2 adults
  • At least one certified teacher per room
  • Kangaroo – 8 children and 2 adults

Munchkin Room

Pre K & Preschool

Dolphin Room

Pre K & Preschool 

Penquin Room

Pre K & Preschool

121 West Foster Street Melrose, Massachusetts 02176 - Telephone 781.662.6539